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Work since 1979 – published, unpublished & proprietary

This list represents all the work Barbara Heinzen has done – either solely or collaboratively, since 1979. About a third of this work is available on the Barbara Heinzen website, with a few things available on other websites. The rest is either proprietary or not included here because it is redundant or less polished. By sorting the list by “Availability”, everything known to be available on the web will be listed first. 
  • 1 – Work available on or through the Barbara Heinzen website, with location.
  • 2 – Work available on other websites.

  • 3 – Non-proprietary work in the B. Heinzen library, but not selected for the website.

  • 4 – Proprietary work confidential to clients, stored in the B. Heinzen library. 

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Title & Occasion




1994c Pioneers of Persuasion: A Review of the Use of Scenarios in the Public Sector.
Report for Scottish Enterprise, Co-author.
Methods 1 World
2007a Ecological Modernisation: environment, culture & systemic invention.
Seminar talk, at the School of Development Studies, University of East Anglia, February 2007
Inventing ecological societies 1 Articles World
2007e Scenarios, business and peace-building in Nepal.
Presentation to the National Business Initiative, Kathmandu 22 June 2007
Methods 1 Articles Nepal
2007g Barbets' Duet Sabbatical Report.
Report of two-month sabbatical, May & June 2007
Inventing ecological societies 1 Barbets East Africa India
2007f Missing Markets.
Report back to Capital Markets Panel, Tallberg Forum, July 2007
Inventing ecological societies 1 Barbets East Africa India
1992d A Graphical Guide to Financing Growth in the Japanese Economy, 1950s to 1990s.
Draft manuscript.
Business Systems 1 Article Japan
2003a Inventions, Invasions and the Legacies of Language.
Article and talk for the St. Patrick?s Festival Symposium, Dublin, March 2003.
Engagement of cultures 1 Article Ireland
2006a Parliamentary Spaces: Politics, Power & Artistic Licence.
Joint lecture/performance with Oby Obyerodhyambo at the Royal Society of Arts, sponsored by the RSA & LIFT (London International Festival of Theatre) 26 January 2006.
Engagement of cultures 1 Article UK Kenya
1996 State-owned Enterprises in China: the Consequences and Future of Reform.
Presentation to European company?s subsidiary in China.
Business Systems 1 Article China
1999b The India Story: HIV in a Highly Populated Country.
Presentation to International Association of Physicians in Overseas Service.
Epidemics & HIV 1 Article India
2003c Trust and Social Invention.
Short article written for Trust Matters: for Personal and Organisational success by Sally Bibb and Jeremy Kourdi. Feb 2004, Palgrave Macmillan. ISBN 1-4039-3253-0. Link to Palgrave Macmillan website order.
Engagement of cultures 1 Article Europe Africa
2001b What We Know and What We Don?t Know.
Presentation on the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Southern Africa, prepared with HEARD, U. of Natal, for Shell Southern Africa.
Epidemics & HIV 1 Article Sn Africa
2005c Whose Knowledge? Africa and the Tension of Two Worlds.
Presentation to the Open University Strategic Forum, June 2005.
Engagement of cultures 1 Article UK Africa
1992b A Very Fuzzy Issue: Building Capacity for Policy in Africa.
Report for Food Studies Group, Oxford University.
Politics 1 Articles Africa
2002b Arts and Invention.
Presentation to LIFT Business Arts Forum.
Inventing ecological societies 1 Articles England Africa
1994a Building a Freelance Practice.
Article for private distribution.
Methods 1 Articles -
1997e Can Markets Manage Ecosystems?
Article & presentation for World Business Council for Sustainable Development.
Inventing ecological societies 1 Articles -
2012b Comment on IMF Natural Resources Papers. (This was written in response to an IMF request for comments. It questions the main working assumptions behind IMF policy.) Inventing ecological societies 1 Articles World
1998a Creating Open Societies.
Article & presentation for Open Society Institute seminar, Slovenia.
Politics 1 Articles England
1995c Crisis Management and Scenarios: the Search for an Appropriate Methodology.
Report for Ministry of Home Affairs, the Netherlands.
Methods 1 Articles Netherlands
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