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Work since 1979 – published, unpublished & proprietary

This list represents all the work Barbara Heinzen has done – either solely or collaboratively, since 1979. About a third of this work is available on the Barbara Heinzen website, with a few things available on other websites. The rest is either proprietary or not included here because it is redundant or less polished. By sorting the list by “Availability”, everything known to be available on the web will be listed first. 
  • 1 – Work available on or through the Barbara Heinzen website, with location.
  • 2 – Work available on other websites.

  • 3 – Non-proprietary work in the B. Heinzen library, but not selected for the website.

  • 4 – Proprietary work confidential to clients, stored in the B. Heinzen library. 

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Title & Occasion




1994a Building a Freelance Practice.
Article for private distribution.
Methods 1 Articles -
1995b Introducing Scenarios - Choices.
Article for private distribution.
Methods 1 Articles -
1994d Political Experiments of the 1990s.
Article in Deeper News, Global Business Network, Sept. 1994.
Methods 1 Articles -
1997e Can Markets Manage Ecosystems?
Article & presentation for World Business Council for Sustainable Development.
Inventing ecological societies 1 Articles -
2005a Interview with Moira Gunn, Technation, KQED, San Franciso, 18 January 2005. Inventing ecological societies 3 -
1998b Introducing Scenarios in the Public Interest.
Presentation to Kenya Scenarios Project.
Methods 1 Articles -
1999g Shocks and Paradigm Busters (Why Do We Get Surprised?)
Article, co-author with Gill Ringland, et al, in Long Range Planning, Vol. 32, No. 4 pp. 403-413, 1999.
Methods 3 not selected -
2007b Simple steps in scenario planning.
Graphics & text outlines steps in a scenario process
Methods 1 Articles -
2001c The Power of the Tale: Using Narratives for Organizational Success.
Book. Third co-author with Julie Allan & Gerard Fairtlough, John Wiley & Sons, Ltd, Chichester, ? 2001. ISBN: 9780470842270
Methods 2 Wiley Website -
1993a The Use of Scenarios in Corporate Change.
Report of a meeting with Arie de Geus & others.
Methods 1 Articles -
1998c Why Scenario Research Is Different.
Article & presentation for Kenya Scenarios Project.
Methods 1 Articles -
1999d Why We Get Our Forecasts Wrong.
Article, Scenario Strategy and Planning, August/September 1999, vol. 1 Issue 3.
Methods 1 Articles -
1992b A Very Fuzzy Issue: Building Capacity for Policy in Africa.
Report for Food Studies Group, Oxford University.
Politics 1 Articles Africa
2000e Africa as a Network Society.
Presentation for corporate workshop on African futures.
Scenario studies 4 proprietary Africa
2001a Scenarios for Africa: Friction and Invention ? Stories of Africa in the 21st century.
Presentation & report for international energy company, team author.
Scenario studies 4 proprietary Africa
1999a The Dynamics of HIV/AIDS in Africa: a Few General Observations and Recent Data from Africa.
Presentation for BEAD, Business Exchange on AIDS & Infectious Diseases.
Epidemics & HIV 1 Articles Africa
1992c The Economic Impact of AIDS in Africa: An Organic, Dynamic, Creeping Disaster.
Article for the VIIth International Conference on AIDS in Africa.
Epidemics & HIV 1 Articles Africa
1992a The Social and Economic Implications of AIDS in Africa.
Report of proceedings of private meeting which led to creation of BEAD.
Epidemics & HIV 3 not selected Africa
1993c Flirting with Cassandra: Business Challenges of HIV/AIDS in Asia.
Article for the British Pacific Rim Seminar Series, Liverpool.
Epidemics & HIV 1 Articles Asia
1997c Scenarios for the Airline Industry.
Presentation to corporate board, team author.
Scenario studies 4 proprietary Asia
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