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The challenge explored in this book is simply stated: can we learn to live resiliently with the ecosystems that have supported us so far? What can we learn from other great social transitions in our own time and in history? What can we learn from the encounters between Western and non-Western people?

Most people know instinctively that we need to change the way we live now. Very few can imagine how that change will come about.

For the past twenty years, Barbara Heinzen has been working with organisations around the world to help them think long term and manage uncertainty. She is convinced that the biggest uncertainties we face are the ecological ones. We now need to create societies which support the natural world so that the natural world will continue to support us.

In Feeling for Stones, she uses the chronology of her own life and career to explore the deep roots of such a fundamental change.

Excerpts: A selection of excerpts from the book are gathered here, as well as one essay not included in the book.

Graphical notes: These notes were made while writing the book, as a way to understand complex relationships and themes. They summarise many of the principle arguments of the book in a simple graphic form.

Order form: This book is available as a .pdf file, or it can be ordered as a paperback through the web or by post using this form.

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