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Articles and presentations: A selection of articles and presentations from the early 1980s to the present has been gathered here.  These are in various formats and degrees of polish, but represent the main preoccupations of Barbara Heinzen’s work over this time.


Feeling for Stones: This book was finished in late 2003.  It was written in order to understand how we might invent ecological societies when we do not know what we are doing.  Lessons from pre-industrial England, developing countries over the past fifty years, and African societies are used to understand the nature of social invention and what it means to live ecologically. 


This section contains excerpts from the text, and one essay that was never included.  While there is no electronic version of the whole book on the website, it can be ordered through the website or the post.


There is also a collection of “graphical notes”, presentations created while writing the book.  They offer a simplified visual representation of the book’s main ideas.


Barbet Publications:  Barbet Publications will be an imprint that publishes work from both Western and non-Western authors. 


Other books: In addition to Barbara Heinzen’s own work, she has co-authored a book on storytelling in organisations and edited a journal on the use of scenarios in the public domain.  Both of these publications are described here, with information on how they can be ordered.


Lifetime bibliography: This is a simple list of the work Barbara Heinzen has done, either solely or in collaboration with others.  The list can be sorted by year, availability (on this website or elsewhere), subject or geography.  About a third of the work listed here is available through this website.  The rest is either proprietary to Barbara Heinzen’s clients or has not been selected for the website.


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