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Barbara Heinzen has over twenty-five years experience designing and managing scenarios projects around the world.  This has been the basis for her consultancy work since 1987.  She is one of the leading independent practitioners in the creation and use of scenarios today.

In that time, many scenarios identified pressures that are forcing all societies to confront the possibility of profound systemic change.  She is now moving beyond scenarios to offer consultancy services in learning how to survive such change, how to shape its direction and master its skills. 

Since 2006, Barbara Heinzen has been using the Barbets Duet project as a practical laboratory.  This trans-continental collaboration is creating experimental spaces where people and organisations can discover how we might invent new economic and social systems.  See her 2012 article Wisdom in a Time of Systemic Change for more information about the links between systemic change and the Barbets Duet.

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